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marry me a little

i wish i could go back in time.. and marry sondheim. not that i couldn't now... but i'm not into that whole anna nicole thing.

thinking of that should get me excited about "Company." maybe i am. i am! ok. there i forced myself. no, really i am.
i have so many great ideas i just want to make sure i can convey them.

anyways, this weekend. was retarded. or i was. something like that. i still am. i don't really have weekends considering i get krunked every single night. sunday night, though, was the epitome of retardation. Prin and I made up these games like "what dead animal am i?" and "how big is this box." it doesn't make sense. now. or then. but it was funny.

i dressed up friday with michael. i don't really like "costumes." i prefer outfits. it makes sense. trust me.

and it started raining randomly. we all know how seb does NOT like the rain. especially when surprised. time to slip on the rainboots!

OK. i'm gonna go get retarded now. life is so much easier in a different framework.
i'm no fucking buddhist, but this is enlightenment.
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