Sebby (luvseb) wrote,

grease will never be the word

so talking to corey makes me want to write this down so i don't forget

it's in response to watching the most atrocious piece of theater...

eugoniM EILYK: did you see Grease?
soulofayoungman4: sadly
eugoniM EILYK: i feel your pain
eugoniM EILYK: i went last night
eugoniM EILYK: stoned and drunk off my ass
eugoniM EILYK: not even THAT made it good
soulofayoungman4: hahaha
soulofayoungman4: okay, a) it's a horrible show
soulofayoungman4: but
soulofayoungman4: when the director can't come up with better notes than "forget about your life"
soulofayoungman4: you know you're not in for a good night
eugoniM EILYK: yeah. it's an awful show. that should be burned in hell
eugoniM EILYK: see.. i wish people would've boycotted that show
eugoniM EILYK: people in the department
eugoniM EILYK: OR
eugoniM EILYK: come up with a really good concept and made it interesting
soulofayoungman4: yeah
eugoniM EILYK: i feel revivals should always rely on a concept. if i want the original i'll see the original.
soulofayoungman4: i guess it depends
soulofayoungman4: it has to be a really good concept
soulofayoungman4: you can't always see the original
soulofayoungman4: in some cases, why fuck with the original
eugoniM EILYK: then don't revive it
eugoniM EILYK: if you don't have something new to say, don't say anything.
eugoniM EILYK: theater is about creation, not repetition!
soulofayoungman4: so... you're defending dangerous liasons?
soulofayoungman4: and pericles?
eugoniM EILYK: at least something was said!
eugoniM EILYK: there is no success or failure, only experiments.
soulofayoungman4: i suppose
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