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is your dad a dealer cuz youre dope to me

i often wished we lived in a society driven by ideals instead of egos.

i think that's my problem in the world. i live in ideals, the world lives in egos. and it's often, if it not always, frustrating.

i didn't care that i went to sleep last night at 11:30 on a Saturday night... on CORTACA. psh. Cortaca is so stupid. A. Organized drinking is stupid. B. Any consumption of large amounts of beer is stupid. C. Football games are stupid. It's just disturbing to rest of us real alcoholics who just want to sit back and have a nice cocktail.

i realized i've been sounding angry in my last few posts. it's just been a rough last two weeks. haven't really seen anyone. haven't really escaped this box.

but oh, well. friday i'll be in the city. and I FUCKING LOVE NEW YORK and DESIREE. oh shit, we'll get to go out on a Sunday night! hooooo-ah!
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