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where do you go, my lovely?

last night was tripped out.

i watched the final eps of AD, which was beyond depressing.. i had to break up watching it because it was just too much watching these probably final episodes. sigh... Rest in Peace Bluths. so yeah, kick off the night with a bummer!

smoked. went crazy. listened to "Come Together" and danced outside.. which was actually fun in MY head. then we went to Adrienne's party. I realized I hadn't been to a party in like... MONTHS. it was fun though.. very interesting people. Got pretty drunk... ended up taking shot after shot of these weird Paradise stuff. I sometimes get really paranoid at Circle parties, just because I would be freaking out if random people were in my apartment fucking with my stuff. I guess i'm a hypocrite cuz I love parties.. but personally I'd rather go somewhere else to party than my own.

i want to go to an Italian discotheque.. or any euro disco. i just want to live and bathe in disco. disco. disco. fuckk. i love it.
i have so much to do today.. since yesterday i was pretty useless.

i tire of people pretty quickly sometimes... but sometimes i don't. or.. sometimes i like a person so much i want to dislike them only to rediscover them again shortly thereafter? i don't know if i'm making sense. i still feel like shit from lastnight. i'm pretty sure i said stupid shit. i always do. oh god, my stomach made a noise. this is like stream of conciousness writing right now. like i'm fucking jack kerouac bitch. ::SHRUGS:: haha i just remembered that. oh god and that crazy girl. i hate attracting CRAZY girls. i want to attract someone all freaking ready. waiting waiting waiting. must i always be waiting on you.
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